Backup, monitor and update your Joomla site with Watchful

If you manage more than a couple of Joomla sites, you definitely should know about

This service offers remote monitoring, backups, updates, and custom checks of your Joomla sites all from a centralized dashboard. 

Believe me, it's as cool as it sounds. 


On the dashboard you have a comprehensive list of all your sites, tagged as you wish for a better categorization.

For each site, you have all necessary version info:

  • Joomla version
  • IP address
  • PHP and MySQL version
  • client version
  • installed extensions and related version
  • validation status


All protected web sites are validated every three hours.

The standard validation takes care of:

  • checking that your site is up and running
  • checking if important system files have been changed
  • retrieving current extensions list
  • retrieving available updates for Joomla or its extensions

Backup interacts with Akeeba Backup to let you run a remote backup from your dashboard.

You can also schedule an automatic backup to be run each day / week / month.


With you can run a remote update from your dashboard.

The list of supported extensions, which is ever growing, currently includes:

  • all extensions that support Joomla Core Updater system
  • all NoNumber extensions
  • most Akeeba extensions

You can launch the updates for a single site, or even for all your sites, with a single click.

Custom check

The apps system expand the standard validation adding more checks.

Currently you can check for:

  • the status of the AcyMailing queue
  • the presence of new / changed articles or users
  • the presence of new / changed K2 or ZOO items
  • changes on a number of specific files
  • the status of your RedShop or VirtueMart sales

Plus, you can very easily write your custom app to check for a speciifc database field or any other kind of change / status.

More info

You can find more info at

Just have a look at the tour or the pricing page.

On that site you can find more info about all the features and pricing, if you're still in the information-gathering phase.

Once you're in, the dashboard will become one of your most visited site and will save you a lot - A LOT! - of time.

Who did it was created by a joint effort between a couple of well known Joomla companies.

One of them is Anything Digital, which you may know for other extensions such as sh404SEF and Josetta.

The other is Inetis, a web agency which originally developed the JMonitoring suite. and GiBiLogic

GiBiLogic is part of the development team for, so we have first hand experience of its features and its evolution.

That is one more reason to really reccomend you to have a look at it.

With the free trial, you have the option to test it for yourself for a month.

This service will save you a lot of time. Really. Just try.