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Quickly and easily add styles to your pages!. With AddCSS, you can customize your pages without using different templates.

AddCSS is a module that lets you:

  • set an additional CSS file to load
  • insert an additional stylesheet declaration...
  • using an advanced CSS editor with syntax highlighting (PRO only)
  • choose an image to use as page background
  • quickly set the font for body or headings (h1-h6) (PRO only)
  • include Twitter Bootstrap framework (PRO only)
  • include Google Web Fonts (PRO only)
  • include an additional JS file or JavaScript code (PRO only) 

As a module, you can assign it to pages, so you can add styles for those pages only.

You can also create several AddCSS modules to set different styles for different pages.

  • No need to create different template styles.
  • No need to provide huge CSS files to cover every possible variation.

TIP: you can use Advanced Module Manager extensionfrom NoNumber to set more complex and refined assignments for your module (e.g. by component). uses cookies to analyse usage and improve visitor experience.
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