ArsReport, ArsLatestReleases and VMtitle are now on GitHub

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As of today, the following extensions have been moved to GitHub. They are:

  • GiBi ArsReport: backend component that provides report about Akeeba Release System download data
  • GiBi ArsLatestReleases: frontend module that shows latest releases from Akeeba Release System
  • GiBi VMtitle: plugin that offer an advanced customization of the VirtueMart pages title 

We use all of these extensions ourselves, but we are not really focused on selling or supporting them.

So instead of just removing them, we thought that sharing on GitHub was the best idea.

There you are:

As they are public repositories, you're free to fork, issue pull requests, and maybe even join the project as a developer if you wish.

We won't guarantee any support. That is, you're welcome to report any issue you may find, but don't hold your breath while waiting for us to look at it an fix it :-)

Feel free to comment if you need any clarification about this.



Plugins tips and tricks

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programmin joomla pluginsI'm reading the book "Programming Joomla Plugins" by our friend Jisse Reitma of Yireo.

As expected, many topics are already familiar in GiBiLogic, but I'm also learning a few cool new tricks.

Here's some bits that I found most interesting.

If you're really into plugin development you should probably buy the book yourself.